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The fast changes in our developing society make the choice of the right supplier more important than ever.


We have broad expertise in solar energy, wind power, generators and energy saving for buildings.


Our food concepts ensure that goods sell right now but also create growth in the long term.


Meveco, is a prominent leader in the agribusiness; specializing in trading of animal feed grains such as feed corn.


Meveco is specialized in importing and exporting high quality products from Europe and the rest of the World.

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Facts About Us

  • 26

    Years of total experience
  • 33

    Trade countries
  • 22

    Years in the energy industry
  • 18

    Years in the food industry


We believe in remaining independent. It allows us to work with the best partners to solve our clients' challenges with smart, efficient, breakthrough thinking. Plus, it lets us stretch budgets further and keeps us focused on our clients' marketing goals, not some holding company or shareholder's financial goals. We believe in our experience. We’ve worked on major national and regional clients in a wide array of industries, which means we can bring both boardroom leadership and applied skills to clients of any size. We believe ideas must emotionally connect with the audience. Without being too crass about it we ask ourselves, “Why would anyone give a shit about this message?” We must first appeal to people’s emotions and make them care before we can appeal to their sense of reason. Finally, we believe in ideas first and tactics second. In our case, if we put media tactics ahead of the idea, then we’ll undoubtedly exclude other ideas that could achieve better results. To best solve our client’s problem, we remain open to several different answers.

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