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                                                        We offer a wide range of grains and foods providing
                                                        you with the best quality on the market.

                                                        With our worldwide connections we import and export
                                                        products from many corners of the planet. As a
                                                        customer you can always rely on us.

                                                        We have broad expertise in solar energy, wind power
                                                        and generators. As well we obtain great knowledge in
                                                        energy saving for buildings.

                                                        Meveco is a privately-owned trading company
                                                        specialized in importing and exporting high quality
                                                        foodstuff products from Europe and the rest of the
                                                        World on an exclusive basis. It is specialized in the
                                                        mediation between producers and distributors or
                                                        retailers, in order to find the most efficient and
                                                        effective solutions.

                                                        Individual solutions to meet your specific
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