Page 8 - Meveco-Brochure 2022.cdr
P. 8

We believe in remaining independent. It allows us to work

                 with the best partners to solve our clients' challenges with
                                  WE BELIEVE IN GREAT IDEAS
                 smart, efficient, breakthrough thinking. Plus, it lets us stretch
                 budgets further and keeps us focused on our clients' marketing

                 goals, not some holding company or shareholder's financial goals.
                 We believe in our experience.

                 We've worked on major national and regional clients in a wide
                 array of industries, which means we can bring both boardroom
                 leadership and applied skills to clients of any size.

                 We believe ideas must emotionally connect with the audience.
                 Without being too crass about it we ask ourselves, “Why would

                 anyone give a shit about this message?” We must first appeal to
                 people's emotions and make them care before we can appeal to
                 their sense of reason.

                 Finally, we believe in ideas first and tactics second.In our case,
                 if we put media tactics ahead of the idea, then we'll undoubtedly
                 exclude other ideas that could achieve better results. To best solve

                 our client's problem, we remain open to several different answers.
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