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                                                        Meveco is an engineering consulting company which
                                                        specialises in supplying solutions to unique energy
                                                        requirements. Since its inception in 1993, Meveco gained
                                                        valuable experience in project management, design,
                                                        engineering, execution, operation and maintenance by
                                                        being involved in major and minor projects.
                                                        Whether it is for large corporate companies wanting to
                                                        reduce the carbon footprint on the environment, farming
                                                        cost effectively, or the individual wanting to avoid the
                                                        continuous cost increase in electricity & other energy
                                                        sources, Meveco has a solution.

                                                        We are a trusted supplier of energy solutions and provide:

                                                        - Solar power
                                                        - Wind power
                                                        - Cogeneration CHP
                                                        - Trigeneration
                                                        - Turbines
                                                        - Heat pumps
                                                        - Energy savings buildings

                                                        Each energy solution is individual!
                                                        Please contact us for more information.

                                                        Individual solutions to meet your specific
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