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                                                        Meveco is a privately-owned trading company specialized in
                                                        importing and exporting high quality products from all over the
                                                        World on an exclusive basis. We are specialized in the mediation
                                                        between producers and distributors, in order to find the most
                                                        efficient and effective solutions.

                                                        In order to insert small companies in the international business,
                                                        expanding business opportunities both on imports and exports,
                                                        we act as importer and exporter of several goods, assisting the
                                                        companies in this new activity.

                                                        The access to new markets and products is fundamental in this
                                                        globalization time, making possible the growth of our business
                                                        partners. In selecting criteria for gathering partners in relation to
                                                        quality, we use our knowledge of the market and trade marketing
                                                        skills of our company on the retail and wholesale markets.
                                                        We are dedicated to excellence, and the proof of that lies in our
                                                        portfolio of satisfied clients. Moreover, that portfolio is growing
                                                        and, we believe, will only continue to grow as we strive towards
                                                        even higher standards of service. We always seek to provide the
                                                        customer with value and a top quality product or service. At heart,

                                                        Meveco is a company that is constantly seeking out new
                                                        opportunities and extensive operational experience in developing
                                                        new businesses. We are dedicated to satisfying our customers no
                                                        matter how big or small. The company believes in respecting its
                                                        customers, listening to their requests and understanding their

                                                        Individual solutions to meet your specific
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